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Radanovici, Montenegro

Tradeunique construction base

Project details
Radanovici, Montenegro
2006 - 2007
32.616 m²

 Construction works were completed with the supply and installation of equipment on a turn-key basis with a centralized system of supervision and management of the complex.

 The base consists of the following facilities: 1. Doorman - The room is air-conditioned. 2. Engineers barracks - Engineering hut consists of 12 rooms and toilets. The facilities include: Office, Archives - 2 rooms, Warehouse of clothes and underwear - 2 rooms, Laundry room - 2 rooms, Storehouse, Bedrooms - 4 rooms. All rooms are air-conditioned. Sanitary facilities consisting of: 2 showers, 3 toilets and three sinks. 3. Facility for accommodation of workers – One unit with 4 entrances. Layout of rooms arranged by entrances: 1st entrance: - 18 rooms, 2nd entrance: - 18 rooms, 3rd entrance: - 19 rooms, 4th entrance: - 16 rooms. Each of the entrances has a separate toilet with 6 showers, 6 WC and 7 sinks. The total accommodation capacity is approximately for 350 people. All accommodation spaces are air-conditioned. 4 Restaurant - All rooms are air - conditioned restaurant .5.Mobile boiler for hot water with storage of fuel capacity of 5 t 6. SDMO diesel power capacity of 136 kVA 7. Well for technical water with water pump 2, 6 bar and chlorinator 8. Warehouse - Warehouse is the mounting structure around P = 300 m² with mounted shelves. 9. Garage - Garage with roller door, approximately P = 1304 m² which houses 21 parking place for trucks and construction equipment. 10. Concrete plant Progress ABS 35 - The capacity of the factory in the automatic mode is 35 m³ mixed concrete.Its installed power capacity is 35 kW.Silos for cement has 2 pcs.with capacity of 100 t.There is also star - shaped scraper with capacity of 2000 m³ aggregate and well with water pump 2, 6 bar. 11. Transformer stations with installed capacity of 630 kw

 Within the base there are two lots, approx. P = 8000 and P = m² 2000 m², for storage of construction materials and equipment.