Panorama kompleks - Indjija, Srbija

DEVELOPER: Tradeunique

Indjija, Srbija



Investor, Building Management, Contractor, Production

Vojvode Stepe 11,
22320, Inđija

The company Tradeunique has launched a new project for the finalization of a luxury complex within TK City, which is dedicated to a completely new and modern housing plan. This luxury complex, positioned on three levels of the TK City glass tower, contains 37 residential units, dismantled square footage, and a very functional configuration. The offer includes studios, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments, various sizes with and without a terrace, which are positioned on the fourth, fifth, and sixth floor.

Detailed configuration can be seen on the floor surface * picture under 4, 5,6 floor *

Tradeunike Holding has set a high standard in this work when it comes to quality construction, procedures of all European norms, and standards when it comes to design and execution. All apartments are equipped with aluminum joinery with a thermal switch, in which a glass table is placed. The floors are oak, like a safe front door. Sanitary ware and ceramics of top quality from imports. All apartments are equipped with the most modern cooling and ventilation system, while the heating is designed as a separate unit for which an energetic panel is installed according to consumption (base).

The panoramic elevator gives you the possibility of direct entry from the underground garage, as I entered the TK City Shopping Center. In this way, you have access to all the benefits and prices contained in this business-residential shopping complex, without leaving the building.

The tenants of Panorama have completed the exclusive right to use the “Green Oasis” on the +1 level, on an area of ​​1100m2. The green oasis includes a place for rest, play, and relaxation for both adults and children.

Tradeunikue provided a free service for all customers, which includes video surveillance and physical provision.

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