Prefabricated houses

Welcome to a new time and a new way to build!
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Low-energy houses

The production of our low-energy houses strives for sustainability in everything from working methods and construction methods to purchasing, product development and transport.

Full service

Full service from A to Z is our starting point. We build complete home solutions with the highest quality, design and performance.

We take responsibility

In order to guarantee moving-in times and quality, we take responsibility for the entire production and work with our own factory. Welcome to a new time and a new way to build!

STC house benefits

Turnkey house

We manufacture the house elements indoors in our house factory – in controled enviroment. The manufacturing process is optimized for economy and flexibility. A high degree of adaptation to customer demands is our strength.

Short construction time / Durable materials

Lower energy costs

All aspects of the house are optimized for energy efficiency, including lighting, appliances and building systems. As a result, you can expect extremely low energy costs.

Reduced environmental impact / Save money


High-performance triple glazed windows mean that you can make noise and not disturb anyone and no one outside can disturb you.

soundproof windows / excellent thermal insulation

Extra insulated and extra load-bearing roof

Minimum 400mm high-performance roof insulation for maximum comfort in your STC HOUSE. Rafters are made of wood section 45/195, cc=445mm

Improved load bearing capacity / Reduced noise


Our doors are designed with finesse either modern or traditional. They are made of wood or wood/aluminum and can have biometric locks to make your STC HOUSE extra safe.

Flexible design / Biometric lock


The wooden construction of our houses is carried out by lumber 195mm thick and glulam beams. For walls we use Fermacell boards, cement fiber boards for the ventilated facade, gypsum boards, fire gypsum boards.

300mm thermal insulation / Enhanced fireproofing

The right construction


Facade Walls
Our complete frames are delivered with electrical outer tubes preinstalled as well as plastered and grouted – they are ready to be painted immediately. Windows are installed at the factory before delivery.

The facade walls have U-value ranging from 0,12 to 0,18m²K/W. The construction also provides extremely good insulation with the special high-performance sound/heat mineral wool. Every facade wall has two Fermacell boards. This creates extra fire protection and you can also attach heavy things anywhere on the wall with a standard screw without having to drill and fasten with a plug.

Our designers can completely adapt the frames to your needs
We can also manufacture large quantities of curtainwalls

Minimal wall section 250mm of mineral wool

Gipsskiva – Gypsum board
Fermacell cementskiva – Fermacell board
Träreglar och mineral ull – Battens + Mineral wool
Ångspärr – Wapor barrier
Träreglar och mineral ull – Wooden structure + Mineral Wool
Fermacell cementskiva – Fermacell board
Vindskydd – Vapor permeable membrane
Luftspalt – Ventilation layer
Aquapanelskiva – Aquapanel board
Putz – Facade rendering

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